The Enchanted Land is a fantacyland created by textileartist Tuija Vihermaa. In this land lives a great mount of fairies, goblins, elves and plenty of other forestfolks. Also cat and fox figures have found their own glens and highlands to live in. Life of these various creatures can be followed in art textiles, which are handpainted on a nature fibre fabric. Every art textile is a unique piece of art and painted straight on fabric.

Ancient Britain, old fables and fairystories have partly affected to this Enchanted Land come into existence. Most important affector in creating this fantacyland has been artist's great love to Scotland, it's brave old castles, highlands and above all great cities and pictoriously beautiful small villages, innumerable lochs and glens and heatherhillsides.

Open the door to another world, feel the magic and step beyond this time. Imagine ancient forest with it's many crumpled old trees and shimmering starry sky above. Feel the fresh scent of forest and voice of a gentle wind crossing you and touching the leaves of old trees. Join me on a journey to Enchanted Land.