These handpainted art textiles are made of natural fibre fabrics, jute, linen and cotton. Basically handpainted art textile needs the same standard of care as an oil painting, never expose a handpainted art textile to direct, bright sunlight long periods, though paints and pigments used in these art textiles have good qualities in duration of sunlight.

The important factor to remember is that closer to a wall an art textile is fixed the better it will hang. Art textile can be ironed flat on both sides. Iron temperature is cotton + steam. Dust occasionally to remove any accumulated loose dust. No wash with water or dry clean. If by some accident, the handpainted art textile is contaminated with dirt, which cannot be removed simply, you can wipe the surface of art textile gently with wet cloth.

By following these instructions you can enjoy your handpainted art textile longer and travel through it on a pleasurable trip to the Enchanted Land, Kingdom of Fantasy.

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